Rene Villard says, “It’s really an honor for the mayor that i am,” and is surrounded by his deputies. “To give a name this establishment, more 60 years after its inception, was Rene Villard.

The mayor said that it was an important act and the result of special reflection. It must be a benchmark for everyone. “School is sacred in the Republican sense. Its name reflects our values as well as those of those who will follow us.

How did Edouard Manceau from Vendeen, the celebrated author and illustrator of children’s books, get to the cheers of 70 people (parents as well as children) on Friday, June 2nd, at Font-Robert’s courtyard kindergarten? Bertrand, the author of Tout pour ma Pomme and Le Petit Curieux, was able to meet Sabine Akroun, Monique Lecomte at the Youth Book Fair in Paris. They also assist in small classes with the MJC readers and other educational partners.

Since September 2021’s start of school, parents and children have been required to read one book per day. Three authors have a large collection. The ballot was counted and the children voted. Edouard Manceau won the election. Delphine Aubert, Marie-Noelle Michel and the teaching team wanted their name to be added to the kindergarten. Mayor Rene Villard, and Evelyne Falaix his school assistant, enthusiastically endorsed the idea.

This school has been called “Edouard Manceau Nursery School” since Friday night. This school is a little more “prestigious” than others in the friendly, popular area. The author, who is only 55, has had many of his works translated into several other countries.