National Police agents, in a joint operation with Interpol, have arrested a wanted fugitive in Honduras to stand trial for the alleged murder of his wife, son and mother-in-law. The arrested man was located in Molina de Segura (Murcia), where he worked irregularly in the fields.

The events date back to 2014, when residents of the town of Candelaria Lempira (Honduras) heard several explosions in the fugitive’s home. Some relatives appeared at the scene and found the lifeless bodies of two people and a third badly injured who later died. However, before she died, she stated that the perpetrator of the events had been her husband.

The investigations began when the agents learned that the fugitive, a Honduran national, could reside in the town of Molina de Segura. Apparently he had been recognized as the person who appeared in the news on Honduran web pages as the author of several homicides.

Once the veracity of this information was verified, the agents activated the international police cooperation channels regarding fugitives, in addition to requesting the issuance of the corresponding International Arrest Warrant for the triple crime of homicide. Likewise, the National Police also required original fingerprint material from the fugitive to carry out possible technical identity checks in case he was using a false identity.

The events for which this man of Honduran nationality was sought occurred in September 2014 in the town of Candelaria Lempira (Honduras). Specifically, during the night of September 28, the residents of the village of Las CaƱadas heard several shots coming from a house, however they ignored them.

Subsequently, at five in the morning of the following day, several members of the family appeared at the house, where they found the lifeless body of a woman -the mother-in-law of the arrested man- who had gunshot wounds and her husband. injured. In another of the rooms they also located a lifeless minor and his wounded mother, who would later die.

Once the agents managed to obtain the validity of the international judicial claim and consequent red notice from Interpol, through international contacts, they began the search for the fugitive.

The individual was located using the cover of an irregular job in the Murcian countryside where he obtained the means to subsist by residing with his new partner, who is pregnant. The device elaborated by the agents to carry out his arrest allowed his arrest when he left for his work.

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