The number of hate comments on the Internet is increasing. However, punk icon Nina Hagen continues to believe in love and advocates a friendlier approach to social media. Her new album also takes up the theme.

The singer Nina Hagen misses a more harmonious interaction in daily interactions, for example in social media. “People should turn away from any aggressive arguments that lead to nothing,” said the 67-year-old. “For example, if people insult each other on social networks and type newfangled swear words in capital letters, then that has nothing to do with love. We have to find another way.”

As a Christian, she believes in love above all else. “Love cannot be killed. We should take advantage of that,” said Hagen. “We should love each other and heed this advice to respect each other. One respects the other more than oneself, one loves the other as oneself.” On the musician’s new album “Unity”, which will be released next Friday, many songs are about solidarity and togetherness.

In the fight for change, Hagen relies on the power of argumentative conviction. “If people would like to change something in society, then it’s only possible with peaceful means,” said the singer. “You can design protests with speeches or music that help to understand the situation. To understand what exactly needs to be done now.”