Ironically, Frankfurt am Main leaves a prospective pilot with “Who wants to be a millionaire?” crash. The BER employee has no idea about the local delicacies. The mother of a No Angels singer is luckier.

Should Henrik Volbracht ever get his pilot’s license, a culinary trip to Germany’s largest air hub might be the first thing to do. The 27-year-old candidate for “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” is a buyer at Berlin Airport BER. He loves flying so much that he has looked for an apartment right on the north runway of the airport and is taking private flying lessons. When asked about the culinary specialties of Frankfurt am Main, Volbracht only understood the station. He was so clueless that Günther Jauch attested the procrastinator “mental cruelty”.

The debacle was imminent. Volbracht already needed the help of the studio audience for the question for 500 euros in order to reach the first level of security. He should know where another word for “discretion” or “sensitivity” hides: “in ‘tact'” or rather “un ‘injured'”? The candidate from the southern Berlin suburb of Blankenfelde-Mahlow was on the hose and took his time. “You are far in joker mode,” Jauch kept him from spontaneous guessing.

The audience helped Volbracht to give the correct answer with at least 88 percent. Jauch let his warning “I’ll get everyone out who answered it wrong” fizzle out. Two questions later, the BER employee needed his next joker. Jauch asked what 590 people in Prussia did in 1820, and over 300,000 people in Germany in 2021: driving test, Abitur, IQ test or DSDS recall? Volbracht finally got through to the 50:50 joker and he immediately gave the clear answer when the Abitur and DSDS were left. Volbracht had also flirted with the driver’s license. “Which driver’s license did you want to get in 1820?!”, Jauch asked and demanded: “So, now let’s snap it up.”

Unfortunately, only the crash landing was quick. The question for 4000 euros was: “Which regional specialty is the city of Frankfurt honoring with a monument consisting of seven greenhouses: Äppelwoi, Handkäs with music, green sauce or Frankfurter Kranz?” The student pilot immediately ruled out the sauce and settled on the cake. None of the answers really meant anything to him. Jauch was able to at least let the stressed candidate know that his girlfriend, who was sitting behind him, had a “forgiving smile” on her lips. “It won’t last long,” feared Volbracht. “I get it,” Jauch revealed his growing frustration.

Instead of using his two remaining jokers to get to the green sauce, the candidate suddenly logged in the Frankfurt wreath. “Seven greenhouses for a buttercream cake?” Jauch asked him, aghast, but sealed the crash to 500 euros. “It wasn’t her day today. It can happen. It was a small crash landing,” he comforted the 27-year-old.

On the other hand, Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs was really lucky afterwards. She completely guessed the order of the four answers to the 2022 World Cup and still made it into the hot seat. That would certainly make her daughter happy in front of the television. The candidate from Rückeroth in the Westerwald is the mother of Sandy Mölling, who once celebrated success with the No Angels. “The little blonde,” she described her daughter at WWM. She has also been a guest at Jauch with her band. “It was a long time ago, they were all there, I think that was 20 years ago,” the RTL presenter recalled.

He then wanted to know from Sprenger-Fuchs how she coped with the fuss about her daughter. “You get used to it,” said the candidate. But the hype was “not healthy”. Nevertheless, Sprenger-Fuchs was again somewhat moved that evening in the WWM studio when she thought back to the No Angels reunion concert in Berlin’s Wuhlheide and the reactions of the fans. “I had goosebumps. It was packed,” she recalled.

The operator of a cat boarding house, who used to work as a nurse, was happy at the end of 8000 euros. Katja Istel from Villmar in Hesse made the highest prize of 32,000 euros that evening. The owner of a riding school and a horse farm agreed when asked whether Germany, France, the USA or the UK were permanent members of the UN Security Council (correct answer: Germany). She would also like to use the money to finance a thank you party for friends and neighbors. They had supported the family of seven when her husband was in the hospital for a year. “I want to say thank you to these people,” explained Istel.

Overhang candidate Esther Gebhard from Hohenpeißenberg went home with at least 16,000 euros. A clever gentleman in the audience was able to explain to the former nurse and current naturopath that the banana in the supermarket is actually called “dessert banana”. Christianna Quack from Berlin then completed the trio of nurses at the end of this “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” episode. She had previously worked as a fashion stylist and began studying nursing during the pandemic. “I want to do something good for people directly,” Quack explained. “Nice idea,” said Jauch. He welcomes the candidate back next Monday with the 8,000 euro question.

(This article was first published on Monday, March 06, 2023.)