Schwerin (dpa/mv) – Half a year after a knife attack with serious consequences in the Mueßer Holz prefab housing estate in Schwerin, the alleged perpetrator has to answer to the court from Wednesday (9.30 a.m.) for attempted murder and dangerous bodily harm. The 31-year-old man from Eritrea is said to have gotten into a fight with his later victim in a snack bar in mid-July 2022. According to a court spokesman, the defendant is said to have rammed a 22 centimeter long kitchen knife up to the shaft into his opponent without warning. The victim suffered life-threatening injuries and only survived thanks to emergency surgery.

According to the court, the 31-year-old was arrested immediately after the crime and has been in custody ever since. So far he has remained silent about the course of events. So far, eight hearings are planned before the district court in Schwerin by mid-March.