The PP has launched the second day of the debate on the motion of no confidence with a harsh allegation against the President of the Government, whom the popular spokesperson, Cuca Gamarra, replacing the leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has censured for weakening Spain from the hand of its partners with a “cainite” government. And she snapped at him: “You don’t have the right to do this.” “Never, ever, ever has anyone degraded democracy so badly.” The representative of the popular has closed her intervention by urging the President of the Government to call elections now and spare the Spanish an “agonic” end of the legislature.

Despite this, the PP will abstain from voting on Vox’s motion of no confidence and will do so as Gamarra has explained because it is a constitutional initiative that has become a “tool for personal promotion and the creation of adulterated stories”. . For this reason, the popular ones say they do not agree with the motion, even though they also disapprove of a “divided government that does not respond to the moderate majority of the Spanish people who want a change.”

The Spanish, according to Gamarra, want an alternative but not in this way. “The motion has been idle,” stressed the popular, who has assured that her party follows its “own path to move from a government that gives up to another that governs.”

“This is an inexplicable gift to the Sánchez Executive when the ministers themselves are already enough to censor each other,” he said, criticizing Vox’s motion of no confidence.

“What is happening here today is extemporaneous and useless,” Gamarra said before praising the Spain of which candidate Ramón Tamames was a part, but disagreeing “on how, when and who raises the motion of no confidence.”

The PP believes that this initiative does not serve to lay new foundations for Spanish democracy. “Spain is waiting for an alternative but it is not you, Mr. Tamames”, the popular leader has affirmed.

The PP will not vote in favor of the motion out of respect for the Spanish, but it will not vote against it out of respect for Tamames either. For them, the motion is “the gift of a smokescreen to Sánchez to cover up his scandals.”

Gamarra has no doubt that the Prime Minister will be disapproved by the Spaniards whom he deceived with his pacts. “It is the polls that will say no to Sánchez and to everything that sanchismo entails.” “So, what will remain of the PSOE?” asked the popular spokeswoman who did not hesitate to recall that the Socialists live mired in the corruption of the ERE and the Tito Berni case, no matter how hard they try, she said, “in cover it up”.

All of this for the first opposition party is an “unequivocal sign” that the end of the legislature is nearing.

Gamarra has drawn a “weak” president of the Government in the hands of his partners to whom he allows everything “unprotecting the State”, and although he has assured that there are dozens of reasons to disapprove of Sánchez, he has regretted that the motion has been a “little theater “and in the best of cases, “a rally paid for by all Spaniards” to show off the president and his vice president, Yolanda Díaz.

Both Vox and the Government, he said, “have come here to tease all Spaniards.” For the PP, the fact that Feijóo has been cited more by both than Sánchez himself shows that the government’s alternative “is very close.”

A speech, Gamarra’s intervention, branded from the socialist ranks as “faltón” and a missed opportunity by the PP to distance itself from Vox and clarify that “they are not the same”, as the PSOE spokesman, Patxi López, has reflected during his turn to speak.

López has charged during his message against Tamames: “The president and the second vice president passed over him yesterday like a steamroller”, he has said harshly against the candidate of the motion, for whom the PP has only had a brief comment of thanks. But the socialist has stressed that the economist has been employed by Vox to stoke the PP and unsuccessfully try to wear down the Executive of Pedro Sánchez. “The haters have pushed him this far.”

“After what we have heard, you no longer represent the Transition,” López launched after accusing the economist of selling out and surrendering to the interests of Vox, a party to which his figure will already be linked, he has expressed, forever. “The triumph of Vox would mean going back to the times in which you were imprisoned,” he has settled. “He is putting his name and his career at the service of the extreme right, sweetening the poison, softening the unbearable.”

“They didn’t even know where to go. They have given it everywhere in the background or the forms. There is nowhere to take this motion,” López criticized in the direction of Tamames and Abascal. They, he has said, represent “the extreme right that wants to go back to the past, go backwards” through a “hate speech that hides the fear they have of the different”.

Despite Gamarra’s criticism of Vox – “they have come to tease the Spaniards” – López has tried to link the path of the PP to that of Abascal’s: “Vox has made it manifestly clear that they are the same, that they are going to the same and that their future is the same”.

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