The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, met this Thursday in the Kremlin with the Chechen leader, Ramzan Kadyrov, in the midst of the controversy created around the beating that his son Adam recently gave to a detainee for burning the Koran.

Putin’s intention was to address the economic and political situation in the republic, but the conversation revolved entirely around the war in Ukraine, in which Kadyrov’s men are fighting as part of the Northern Military District in Ukraine.

The Chechen leader assured that the fighters “are in good spirits,” and “every day they take prisoners and destroy equipment.”

“No Abrams tank scares us,” stressed Kadyrov, who also told Putin that since the start of the war the republic he leads has purchased about 1,100 vehicles, of which 100 are armored vehicles.

He stressed that “all the people support” Putin in Chechnya, where five regiments and three battalions participating in the Northern Military District were also created.

The head of the Kremlin conveyed to Kadyrov “his best wishes to the boys and his best wishes to their families.”

“I know that you personally deal with issues all the time, including supporting the families of our guys fighting on the front lines, fighting confidently, well, bravely and heroically,” he stressed.

“If we do not comply with your order (to win the war), it means that we will not live in this state. We will comply with your request 100%,” Kadyrov replied.

The Chechen leader also said that “in the republic we do not have any special problems”, at a time when he is being criticized in independent media and social networks for the beating that his son Adam gave to an identified resident of the city of Volgograd. like Nikita Zhuravel, who is in preventive detention in a Chechen prison accused of having burned the Koran.

Kadyrov himself published a video on his Telegram channel on the 25th in which you can see the beating.

The Chechen leader considered that his 15-year-old son “did the right thing” and maintained that “anyone who violates a sacred scripture, including by burning it ostentatiously, thus offending tens of millions of citizens of our great country, must suffer severe punishment.”

“Without exaggeration, yes, I am proud of Adam’s action. He was always distinguished by the desire to grow not among his peers, but among his elders, thanks to which he formed adult ideals of honor, dignity and defense of his religion. Respect his choice,” he said.

Neither the Presidential Administration, nor the Russian Investigative Committee, nor the Prosecutor General or the Ministry of the Interior have taken action. They haven’t even commented on the beating.

Only the Commissioner for Human Rights, Tatiana Moskalkova, said that during an investigation in which the detainee is in preventive detention “the rules established by law must be respected.”