Leipzig (dpa / sn) – The Saxon left-wing politician Sabine Zimmermann sees her party before the crisis meeting in Leipzig. “Before Leipzig, Die Linke was on the brink, today it’s a step further,” she told the German Press Agency on Sunday. Leipzig will accelerate the fall into insignificance. She accused the party leadership of having driven the wedge in the party even deeper. In foreign and peace policy in particular, large sections of the “clique of officials” betray left-wing ideals: “They want to go with the mainstream instead of pointing out alternatives, as is expected from an opposition.”

At a meeting in Leipzig on Saturday, top functionaries of the left distanced themselves from the former parliamentary group leader Wagenknecht. This had criticized the party leadership and floated the idea of ​​founding a party. The federal chairmen Janine Wissler and Martin Schirdewan invited all important officials to Leipzig to get their backing. Wagenknecht was not there.

Zimmermann sat for Die Linke in the Bundestag for many years and made a name for herself primarily as a social politician. In the Bundestag she was most recently Chairwoman of the Committee on Family, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth.