Almost 1.5 million people in Thuringia have been vaccinated against Corona so far. In the vast majority of cases, vaccination protects against infection and a severe course of the disease – but not always.

Erfurt (dpa/th) – Despite full vaccination protection, over 60,000 people in Thuringia have contracted Covid-19 so far. Around 22,000 vaccination breakthroughs were registered in people with booster vaccinations, as the Ministry of Health announced on Friday in its Corona weekly report. Almost 41,000 such cases were recorded in people with basic immunization. A total of around 363,000 symptomatic corona sufferers were counted – the majority were not fully vaccinated.

Around 1,300 people came to the hospital with a vaccination breakthrough because of Covid-19, 240 of whom had already received a booster vaccination, i.e. usually the third injection. According to the figures, a total of almost 14,500 Thuringians were hospitalized for Covid-19.

In the intensive care units, 135 people had to be treated with a basic immunization, 19 of whom had already had a third vaccination. That was around six percent of the almost 2,200 intensive care patients who have been recorded so far.

Among the total of 7274 Thuringians who died from or with Corona, the ministry recorded 448 people with vaccination breakthroughs – i.e. a proportion of six percent. The average age was 83 years. Of these, 69 had already received a booster vaccination.

In Thuringia, around 1.47 million people and thus around 69 percent of the population have received at least two doses of the vaccine. The ministry pointed out that information on vaccination protection was available for 41.5 percent of the reported corona cases.

According to the information, vaccination breakthroughs are defined as symptomatic corona cases with full vaccination protection. Full vaccination protection is available 14 days after a second vaccination or as soon as those who have recovered have received a first vaccination.

Experts have long pointed out that as the vaccination campaign progresses, the number of vaccine breakthroughs will also increase because more people are generally vaccinated. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the effect of the vaccinations also decreases significantly over time compared to the omicron variant that is now predominant. Vaccinations are also considered less effective in Omicron than in the previously prevalent Delta variant. According to the RKI, good protection against omicron can be achieved with a booster vaccination.