Donald Trump has a voting intention of 44%, while Joe Biden would only achieve 38%. That is the conclusion of the survey carried out by The Washington Post and the ABC television network. The poll has caused something of a shock among the leaders of the Democratic Party, whose strategy is based on the fact that, in an election that will be a contest between unpopular politicians -Trump and Biden- the current president would easily win for the simple reason that, although It does not excite anyone, nor does it cause rejection.

Now, those numbers seem to indicate that the lack of enthusiasm for Biden is bigger than the rejection of Trump. The poll also puts Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis ahead of Biden by five points. That number hasn’t come as a surprise, given that DeSantis appears to have more appeal among independents and centrist Republicans. His problem, however, is that Republican voters prefer the former president by a difference of 36 percentage points, according to a YouGov poll for CBS television.

The Post and ABC poll data has sparked consternation among Democrats. One of the historical leaders of the Party, the former superdelegate – that is, a member of the group of notables who choose the candidate for the presidency – has declared that these numbers do not let her “sleep at night” because they reveal that “Biden’s coalition It’s fragmented.” The only option for the Democrats at this point seems to be to use, once again, their ability to mobilize the vote on Election Day. The question is whether they will be able to counteract a Trump – who today is the favorite candidate to win the Republican nomination – who has strengthened his control of the Republican Party and the US electoral system, so he will not commit many of the mistakes of 2016 and, above all, of 2020.

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