Telecinco broadcast a new Nightmare in Paradise 2 gala on Thursday, February 2. Tania Déniz and Kiko Jiménez were nominated and finally it was Sofía Suescun’s boyfriend who had to leave the program.

“The audience, with their votes through the free Mitele app, has decided that, by 59% of the votes, the contestant who wins this duel of nominees and is saved, staying one more week in Nightmare in Paradise, is Tania,” announced Nagore Robles. “Kiko has endured every week, but this time she has not been able to against Tania,” added the presenter.

“It was to be expected, the moment would come when the forces of the people who support me ran out. I have always thought about it since the first week, it is not that I trust my possibilities much because I am a sometimes controversial character, not very dear. I also didn’t know that people were going to trust me so much and that it was going to bring me here, but I am very grateful because I have come very far. All I have are words of thanks to all the public who have trusted me week after week,” said Kiko. “I miss my partner so much and I’m crazy to go home,” she confessed.

At the gala, the contestants also had to nominate. Tania Déniz, Antonio Montero, Borja Estrada and Mar López voted for María José Galera. For her part, Galera chose Tania. Silvina Magari opted for Montero.

In this way, María José Galera became the group’s nominee. As expelled, Kiko had the opportunity to choose the second candidate for elimination and he chose Mar López. “I think the time has come for you to play too, that’s why we come here,” he brandished. “I play, I have no problem. The born player is you because this morning you were telling me to see if we had a conversation because it felt bad for you not to talk to me, when it’s a lie. It’s surprising,” she replied, who was visibly upset by Jimenez’s decision.

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