With the Scooter DT X360, Kymco from Taiwan brings a crossover scooter, namely as a 350 and as a 125. But the little one looks very grown up and, as far as the overall impression is concerned, is a real recommendation for prospective buyers with an A2 driver’s license.

The Taiwanese scooter manufacturer Kymco fell behind in Germany last year: Fourth place in the manufacturers’ ranking for light scooters with a displacement of up to 125 cubic centimeters was lost because registration numbers fell by almost 20 percent to around 2,000. So it can only be helpful to bring an additional offer with the new DT X360, which is available as a power scooter with a displacement of 350 cubic centimeters and also as a 125: Kymco has put a crossover scooter on fairly voluminous, coarsely profiled tires. With its angular, sporty off-road design, it should exude unmistakable adventure flair. Technically, it is based on the New Downtown model.

Among the no fewer than eleven 125s that Kymco has on offer for 2022, the DT X360 125i ABS – the complete model name – marks the top of the price list: At 5500 euros, it is even more expensive than two of its 300 half-brothers. The crossover scooter is also at the fore when it comes to curb weight: 179 kilograms are ample for a 125. To save our honour, however, it must be said that the DT X360 is easy to drive and easy to handle when maneuvering and parking.

In general, the DT X360 125 is a pleasant companion when it comes to practical handling: The keyless starting procedure is simple, the liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine runs pleasantly quiet, does not vibrate significantly and is also economical. The variator does its job well and accelerates the Taiwan scooter sufficiently quickly. At top speed, the digital speedometer of the scooter specified by the manufacturer as 93 km/h shows an optimistic 103 km/h. However, precise observations showed that the odometer was ahead of the curve by almost ten percent, which also had an impact on the speedometer. And correctly, you also have to put the fuel consumption into perspective by 1/10.

However, the DT X360 is at least fast enough to be able to maintain its position in normal suburban and intercity traffic, and you are only rarely overtaken outside of town. Thanks to its overall taut chassis tuning, the burly scooter goes around corners without rocking and with plenty of room to lean. The brakes – fashionable wave discs rotate at the front and rear – decelerate well, the ABS regulates quickly and keeps the DT X360 on track.

In heavy city traffic, the Kymco is no wonder when it comes to agility, because it is relatively long and its handlebars are limited. On unpaved surfaces, the DT X360 offers the advantage of a coarser tire profile; however, higher speeds thwart the hard-responsive suspension. This Kymco should not be misunderstood as an off-road scooter. And it’s not a comfortable sedan either, it shakes its driver properly on cobblestones. Which only slightly reduces its attractiveness, because it is an unquestionably attractive offer, especially for B196 drivers, because it looks very mature.

The equipment of the crossover scooter is good: There is an LED display in the cockpit, which is not particularly easy to read in bright sunlight. However, it shows everything that is important, right down to the cooling water temperature or the charge level of the battery. There is also a USB socket for charging the smartphone in the storage compartment on the left. A second USB port is hidden under the hinged brand logo in the center of the handlebar. The storage compartment under the seat, like the fuel filler flap, can be operated without a key, is illuminated and swallows up two not-too-large full-face helmets. The lighting system is also advantageous: LEDs shine all around. In view of the crossover attitude, equipping it with hand guards – which is also advantageous in cool temperatures – would be optically quite appropriate.

The seating position on the large DT X360 is comfortable; there is just as much room for your legs as there is for your behind on the voluminous bench seat. Even a passenger feels perfectly accommodated. The sporty, small windshield serves more to look than to protect against wind and precipitation. At least it doesn’t cause any annoying turbulence on the helmet. The very comfortable and wide seat, combined with a seat height of 80.5 centimetres, means that the driver should measure at least 1.70 meters in order to be able to put his foot on the ground without any problems.

Thanks to the rather large 12.5 liter tank, the reserve light only came on after 330 kilometers; when refueling after 362 kilometers, 10.1 liters flowed into the tank, an average of 2.8 liters per 100 kilometers. Adjusted for the powerful speedometer advance, the result was 327 kilometers driven and an average of 3.1 liters. No reason for sadness either, especially in view of the not exactly small amount of full throttle. Don’t let the E5 sticker on the filler neck irritate you: an inquiry to the importer showed that the engine also digested E10 fuel without complaint.

As the DT X360 350i, the crossover scooter from Taiwan is of course more powerful than the 125 version: its 321 cc engine delivers 28.6 hp, and according to the standard, fuel consumption is 0.8 liters per 100 km higher. With an additional price of 850 euros, the scooter is definitely worth considering for owners of an A2 driving license.