Blanca Paloma, the Spanish representative in Eurovision 2023, already knows the Liverpool stage where she will fight on May 13 to win the long-awaited crystal microphone. The artist lived her first rehearsal this Thursday and has not disappointed. Blanca Paloma continues in the highest positions in the betting houses.

Although due to EBU regulations, the press cannot access the rehearsals for this edition of the Eurovision Song Contest, the few images that the media have had access to have revealed that Blanca Paloma will maintain the spirit of her staging in Benidorm Fest.

The Spanish representative has felt very satisfied and calm after the first contact with the Eurovision 2023 stage in which she has once again given us an impeccable live show from her Eaea. The artist and her artistic team, as they had previously told us, have returned to the origin, to the Benidorm Fest performance, greatly improving it and taking advantage of all the elements offered by the Liverpool Arena.

What has attracted the most attention has not only been the power and vocal perfection of Blanca Paloma in this first rehearsal, but also the armor that she will wear in the final on May 13. A brutal and empowered archer with a bra designed by the team of Paola de Diego, a professor at Nebrija University, in charge of the stage costumes with which Blanca Paloma has been working for many years. Many of the Eurovision followers have seen in this archer-style bodice the possible surprise of Blanca Paloma in the Eurovision final: will she catch an arrow in the air during the performance?

The entire proposal by Paola de Diego, includes universal elements linked to passions, which appear in the creative development of the wardrobe. A set of elements that make up a complete proposal to define the aesthetics of Blanca Paloma in Eaea.

The representative of Spain has opted for the archer for her wardrobe, that character who was born inspired by one of the most iconic gestures of her staging in Eaea and Secreto de Agua. The new design is a reinterpretation of the Benidorm Fest and proposes an aesthetic and formal evolution in terms of textures, finishes and materials. A visually enhanced stage growth from the costumes and together with the rest of the artistic proposal.

The wardrobe is made up of three elements: the pants, the arm and the bra, this being the key piece of the look. It is a sculptural piece, developed as a malleable metal and molded with the volume of Blanca Paloma’s body. The metal represents armor, a mask that protects the body of our heroine, our archer. That armor that evokes her heart, a burst of red that blooms from her chest, where passions are born.

Spain’s performance begins within that invocation circle that simulates the shawl that Grandma Carmen bequeathed to Blanca Paloma. The characteristic fringed structure that was seen in the Spanish pre-selection is maintained, although it has been adapted to the possibilities of the Liverpool scenario. Unlike the one from Benidorm Fest, it has become a transportable piece with a height of 3.5 meters (the maximum allowed by the festival organizers) instead of being hung. This facilitates the change of scenery between one performance and another and allows a clean transition during the first seconds of our representative’s performance.

The rest of the performance continues in line with the one seen at the Benidorm Fest, yes, taking advantage of the different camera shots and with the incorporation of new shots during the second part of the song. Another of the most powerful parts of the performance and one of the biggest changes with respect to Benidorm Fest is the play of light that will be discovered in subsequent rehearsals. The next one, on Saturday, May 6 at 1:10 p.m. Spanish time.

Blanca Paloma was the penultimate to rehearse out of the 37 participating delegations, just after Lord of the Lost, from Germany; La Zarra, from France; Marco Mengoni, from Italy; and TVORCHI, from Ukraine; and just before Mae Muller, from the United Kingdom, last to rehearse. “It has been wonderful, it has been like singing at home”, have been the first words of Blanca Paloma after coming off the stage.

“The fringes, which was the most important thing, were there. That fringed mulch on the chest has embraced us and has driven us with strength, we have emerged empowered,” said the excited woman from Elche. “We are very happy, wanting to repeat it, because it is a wonderful experience”, she has concluded before reviewing the essay in detail in the viewing room.

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