The response has come swift and relentless. If on Wednesday the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, radicalized his speech in Congress charging directly against the media, this Thursday the reply came from the leading morning program on television. If Sánchez advanced that the media less related to his speech “are going to launch lies and traffic in lies”, Ana Rosa Quintana has branded his “argumentary” as “Trumpism in its purest form”.

In her traditional editorial that begins El programa de Ana Rosa, the journalist has directly referred to the president’s words as “a 31-minute rally in front of the PSOE parliamentarians who left their palms.” In his parliamentary speech, Sánchez denounced the dominance of the right in the media, and advanced that they would accuse him of “pucherazo”: “It is not new, his North American teachers launched a maddened mob against the Capitol to denounce a false pucherazo” .

“The storm is going to be tremendous,” the president predicted, “from the position of dominance that they have in large companies, in the large media” an “even more ferocious campaign of insults and disqualifications” will be unleashed. “They will have to see how atrocities are invented in prime-time programs,” he stressed.

For Ana Rosa, Sánchez’s speech was “conspiracy”: “That is Pedro Sánchez’s new argument,” he accused, “in Spain there are 10 million reactionaries who have delivered the autonomous communities and municipalities to the Trumpist apocalypse.” “Sánchez, in an absolute distortion of the Spanish reality, used precisely Trump’s argumentation point by point to accuse the opposition of doing it themselves, of being Trumpists,” his editorial continued, and he launched an ad from his command of the morning audience: “For five years we have invited you every week to come and reply to this program”.

For Quintana, the words of Pedro Sánchez are “trumpism in its purest form”: “The president sees himself reflected in Biden, and assures that Feijóo came from Galicia to become Trump, but in reality Sánchez has put on the face of Pablo Iglesias “.

Already on Monday, Ana Rosa Quintana started her program with a harsh plea against Pedro Sánchez, Podemos and Tezanos. “The Spaniards have decided to forcefully punish a form of government marked by personalism. This defeat marks the beginning of the end of Sanchismo,” she said in her editorial.

“Sánchez raised the elections as a plebiscite and has lost,” continued Ana Rosa Quintana after the start. “His strategy focused on promises, thousands of homes, two-euro cinema for retirees, interrail for young people, housing for everyone … The strategy of election Tuesdays has not worked,” she said.

After the harsh criticism of Sánchez, the presenter continued with Podemos which, after the municipal and regional elections, practically disappeared from the map. Ana Rosa Quintana, one of the television faces most attacked by the purple formation, did not miss the opportunity to put the debacle of the political formation on the table: “In the capital, Más Madrid has devoured the father. Errejón has eaten Iglesias. It has been of no use to Podemos to single out individuals, businessmen or journalists. The policy of bullying has been punished at the polls. Spain has made it clear that it wants change.”

Nor did he let his argument end without bringing to the fore a third protagonist, José Félix Tezanos. The president of the CIS, highly criticized in each poll with the intention of voting, finds himself in the firing line after electoral results that are far removed from the polls carried out by the center that he presides over. “By the way, it’s 9 in the morning. Mr. Tezanos is taking a long time to present his resignation,” concluded Ana Rosa Quintana.

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