Greenpeace activists in rubber dinghies approach a heavy lift vessel in the Atlantic, they go on board with ropes. There they occupy the cargo: a drilling platform that the oil company Shell wants to install in the North Sea. With the campaign, the organization wants to draw attention to the climate destruction caused by the fossil industry.

Greenpeace activists have boarded a freighter with a drilling platform for the oil giant Shell on board. Four Greenpeace International activists from Argentina, Turkey, Britain and the United States boarded the White Marlin ship north of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic on Tuesday, the environmental organization said.

The aim of the campaign is to draw attention to the climate damage caused by fossil fuels, for which Shell and other companies will finally have to “pay”, explained Yeb Sano, executive director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia. The ship is transporting the drilling platform to the Penguins oil and gas field near the Scottish Shetland Islands in the North Sea on behalf of the Anglo-Dutch oil company Shell.

The activists approached the “White Marlin” with three boats from the Greenpeace ship “Arctic Sunrise” and climbed on board with the help of a rope. They stayed on board and “now man the ship’s cargo, a Shell oil and gas platform,” Greenpeace said. The activists had supplies for several days. The heavy lift freighter with the drilling platform is on its way from China to the northern North Sea.

The “peaceful protest” aims to “point out the global climate destruction caused by Shell and the entire fossil fuel industry, which has not yet paid a cent for the damage they have caused (…)”, said the Group. Greenpeace Sano’s Southeast Asia director said Shell must “stop drilling and start paying.” The organization is taking action today because Shell’s fossil fuel extraction is causing death, destruction and displacement around the world, hitting those least responsible for the climate crisis hardest.