A woman has died and a man has been injured tonight after falling an argayo on top of a vehicle in which five people traveled when he circulated by AS-15 to 500 meters from the town of Soto de la Barca, in the Asturian Council of
Tineo, reports 112.

Due to the amount of land and stones that have fallen on the road because of the detachment, the road has been fully cut at the height of the kilometer point 35,500 and the traffic has been diverted in the Soto de los Infantes and Florida.

The deadly remains of the deceased have been taken from the vehicle, after receiving the corresponding authorization, by firefighters from the emergency service of the Principality of Asturias (SEPA), based in the Tineo Park.

According to the data provided by the Urgent Health Care Service (SAMU), the wound is a 62-year-old man who has been served in the area of the accident by the primary care team of Tineo and evacuated in the basic vital support ambulance of
The area to the Carmen and Severo Ochoa de Narcea hospital.

At the expense of more tests and even a new medical assessment, your forecast is reserved.

In addition to getting the deceased, the firemen have reviewed the entire area, to the riverbed, to verify that there were no more people involved.

The 112-Asturias Emergency Coordination Center has received a notice, at 10pm yesterday, Saturday, in which it was indicated that a very strong noise had been heard and that it was believed that there had been a detachment of

The person who has given the notice has pointed out that they were listening to voices and that he feared that there could be some car under the heap of land and stones caused by the detachment.

Minutes later it has been confirmed that there was a vehicle with five people who had been affected by the Argayo, of which four of them have been able to leave the car for their own means.