Comedian Tahnee and singer Juliette Schoppmann surprised twice with a joint Instagram post. On the one hand, they made their relationship public for the first time. On the other hand, they also announced their marriage. They are now “absolutely overwhelmed” by the reactions.

Stand-up comedian Tahnee and singer Juliette Schoppmann have once again addressed the public with a joint Instagram post. In it they thank them for the numerous congratulations that have come to them since they made their wedding public on the social network on Tuesday.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed by so many lovely messages and congratulations! Thank you for this wave of loving words. Let’s go for a spin,” writes the couple for a black and white photo on which they are celebrating the pours champagne for the day.

The well-wishers also include various celebrity friends of the two. In the comment column, for example, “Let’s Dance” dancer Christina Luft, presenter Marlene Lufen, musician Jasmin Wagner and RTL presenter Frauke Ludowig cavort.

In their post on Tuesday, Tahnee and Schoppmann published three pictures in which they could be seen in festive white outfits and arm in arm on the beach. Only a heart and a ring emoji served as a comment.

Tahnee, whose full name is Tahnee Schaffarczyk, has been part of the German comedy scene for several years. She has also appeared in various TV formats, including the streaming hit “LOL: Last One Laughing”. Schoppmann, in turn, became known through her participation in “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” (DSDS). In 2003 she came in second place behind Alexander Klaws in the very first season of the RTL show.

Schoppmann made headlines in 2005 for an alleged liaison with no-angels singer Lucy Diakovska. However, in 2012 she suddenly declared that their lesbian love affair was a scam. “I’m straight,” said the 42-year-old at the time. But now she seems to have decided to go through life with a woman by her side.