They are officially invited to the coronation of King Charles. But whether Harry and Meghan will also show up there is uncertain. According to a British aristocratic expert, there is a lot to be said for it. However, the two would have to jump over their own shadow.

The Sussexes are said to be in a bind: the palace has officially invited Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan to the coronation of King Charles. Whether the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have lived in the United States since 2020, will actually travel to Great Britain for the event in May has not been confirmed. According to the “Daily Mail”, a royal expert has now explained that the royal dropouts are faced with a “dilemma”. On the one hand, Harry and Meghan reportedly want the royal family to take responsibility for what the two “have been through.” At the same time, the Sussexes “won’t dare stay away from the king’s coronation” because it would make them seem “irrelevant,” Richard Fitzwilliams said, according to the report.

The “Mail Online” said the expert: “It was always clear that King Charles would invite Harry and Meghan to the coronation. As a symbol of national unity, he thinks this is important.” However, their answer is uncertain and “presents them with an acute dilemma”: On the one hand, Charles’ son and his wife want talks with high-ranking royals and that they take responsibility for the problems that the Sussexes, according to their story, had when they were responsible for worked the palace. “They believe the royal family, along with the press, tried to exile them. They want an apology. They won’t get it.”

The royal expert added, according to the report, that Harry and Meghan have contracts with Netflix, Spotify and Random House. “They only have these because they are members of the royal family.” If they don’t take part in a big event like the coronation, it has a negative effect, says the expert. That’s what makes the Sussexes’ dilemma so Fitzwilliams. If they don’t go to the coronation, they risk appearing irrelevant. Polls in America have already shown that their popularity is falling.

Prince Harry and his wife had made serious allegations against his family in his autobiography “Reserve” (original title “Spare”), a Netflix documentary and a series of interviews. Nevertheless, Meghan and Harry have now been officially invited to Charles’s coronation on May 6, as Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor of “The Sunday Times” wrote on Twitter over the weekend. A spokesman for the Sussexes confirmed this.

After all, the two probably have a place to stay if they travel to England for the event. According to the Daily Mail, they can still live in Frogmore Cottage. It was recently confirmed that the couple would have to leave their official home in England. The British tabloid “The Sun” had previously reported that King Charles III. allegedly decided in January, a few days after the publication of Harry’s autobiography, to withdraw the Sussexes’ property. The couple, who have been married since 2018 and have two children, Archie and Lilibet, have lived in Montecito, California, since 2020.