Heartbreak, grief and maybe a tear or two: this is what it often looks like when a love breaks down. Michèle de Roos, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be close to her separation from ex-“Bachelor” Niko Griesert. Moving out of the shared apartment becomes an event for her.

Well, one cannot speak of a long-term relationship with Michèle de Roos and Niko Griesert. But after all, the “Bachelor” of the year 2021 and the originally only runner-up were a couple in his heart for over a year. Yes, they even moved in together. And with lady dog ​​Callia, they also got a four-legged friend together.

But since the end of last week we have known: the love between the two, if there ever was one, probably has no future. In any case, de Roos sees it that way, who explained in an Instagram story that she and Griesert had “been traveling separately lately”. And the 27-year-old became even clearer: “We both don’t know if we’ll find each other again.”

De Roos also pointed out the practical consequences of this development: “I have decided to move into a new apartment in the near future.” At least they want to continue to take care of the dog together, revealed de Roos. That’s why her new apartment should also be close to her previous home with Griesert.

However, anyone who would have expected de Roos to struggle with the decision and suffer from the pain of separation is wrong. Rather, she celebrates the move in her Instagram story like an event.

“So, I’m on my way to the apartment handover with Callia right now. She’s giving me a little bit of support today,” says de Roos with a smile on her around 300,000 followers on her journey into a new future. “And then we’ll start moving straight away.”

In another clip it says: “The moving chaos can start! But first you have to clean the apartment.” To this end, de Roos speaks into her smartphone: “Here are all the boxes that I’m about to start lugging over.” Then a friend would come with a trailer to stow away the larger parts.

Then you see de Roos in action with her movers, before she has arrived at her future home. “Guys, I’ll tell you: I’m really in the furnishing fever here,” she says happily as the camera pans through the new apartment. Between all the moving clips, de Roos – quite the business-savvy influencer – sprinkles advertising for the clothes that she is wearing during the campaign.

It doesn’t look like all that much grief. How is Griesert doing? So far he has not commented on the – at least spatial – separation from de Roos. On his Instagram page he just posted a picture that shows him laughing. In addition, the meaningful words: “Keep your heart pure” (“Keep your heart pure”).

Griesert mimed the Rosenkavalier on the RTL show “Der Bachelor” in 2021 (also available on RTL). In the end, he settled on Michelle “Mimi” Gwozdz while sending de Roos home in second place. But the relationship with Gwozdz ended before the final was broadcast on TV. A little later, the now 31-year-old, who is already the father of an adolescent daughter, met de Roos.

(This article was first published on Wednesday, August 10, 2022.)