Aalen (dpa / lsw) – The cause of the fly infestation in the Ostalb Clinic in Aalen (Ostalbkreis) has been found. Water damage is said to have been the cause. This was caused by a blocked roof drain at the end of September and apparently also affected the insulation layer of an office room, a spokesman for the clinic said.

The area has now been completely gutted, removing the breeding ground for the flies in the wet screed. It was said that no more flies were detected during measurements in the entire surgical wing and the functional rooms. A schedule for the reopening of the operating theater is now being drawn up together with the health department.

Because of the fruit flies in the building, the clinic’s central operating room had to remain closed for days. According to the information, between 20 and 25 operations had to be postponed or relocated every day. The clinics in Ellwangen and Mutlangen (both Ostalbkreis) helped to absorb these surgeries.