Reutlingen/Metzingen (dpa/lsw) – Within 24 hours, a man looked too deeply into the glass twice and still drove a car in the Reutlingen district. The 51-year-old was caught on Wednesday with more than 2.5 per thousand and on Thursday with more than 1.2 per thousand in the breath, the police said.

According to the police, the man was waving on federal highway 312 on Thursday and crashed into a guardrail. The 51-year-old continued to drive to Metzingen, where he allegedly ignored several red traffic lights and endangered other road users.

The man had lost his driver’s license the day before during a check at a gas station. He had driven in wavy lines before the vehicle got into the oncoming lane. An oncoming bus had to give way. The police said there will be several charges against the man.