After a satisfactory spring, the vines begin to bloom in the Franconian vineyards. A rule of thumb says: Now there are still 100 days left until harvest.

Würzburg (dpa / lby) – In the Franconian wine-growing regions, the vine blossom begins – and with it the countdown to the harvest. The first vines were already flowering in early locations, said Stephan Schmidt from the Franconian Winegrowers’ Association in Würzburg.

The general rule of thumb is still that you can harvest 100 days after flowering. “Depending on the location and variety as well as the desired wine style, there are also deviations.”

The spring was satisfactory for the winegrowers, said Schmidt. The water supply was good, so that the vines grew quickly after budding.

What is needed now is “pleasantly warm weather with occasional sufficient rain events”, Schmidt summarized the weather wishes of the winegrowers. “Towards maturity, cool nights and warm days are desirable to promote aroma formation in the berries.”

Last year, the Franconian winegrowers were able to win 48 million liters of grape must. In 2020 they had experienced a record low of just 27 million liters – the smallest harvest in 35 years. This year 7900 liters of wine came together per hectare. The long-term average is 7600 liters per hectare, in 2020 it was only 4400 liters.

Franconia is by far the largest wine-growing region in Bavaria. According to the State Office for Statistics, there are 1,463 wine-growing businesses in Franconia. Most of these are family businesses. The size of the individual companies is growing. The total cultivated area is about 6000 hectares.