Regensburg (dpa / lby) – For the killing of his partner with at least 24 knife wounds – also in the presence of her daughter – a 37-year-old man should be in prison for life according to the will of the public prosecutor. The prosecutor pleaded murder before the Regensburg Regional Court on Monday and demanded that the particular severity of the guilt be determined. The prosecutor considered the three elements of murder to be met: malice, base motives and cruelty. The defense attorney assumed manslaughter and demanded a ten-year prison sentence for his client.

Both sides considered it necessary to place the accused in a detox center. The verdict is to be pronounced on Wednesday.

According to the indictment, the man, a German national, stabbed his 27-year-old victim to death in February this year in the bedroom of his apartment in Neutraubling (Regensburg district). The nine-year-old daughter lay in bed next to her mother and witnessed the crime. The motive is said to have been an emerging separation of the 27-year-old from him and her beginning relationship with another man. The accused did not accept this and preferred to kill the woman, the prosecutor said at the beginning of the trial.