Walpertskirchen (dpa / lby) – A regional train on the Munich-Simbach route at Walpertskirchen (Erding district) has broken down again because there was smoke on the train. According to the police on Friday, no one was injured this time – unlike a similar incident on Wednesday afternoon.

Both times, a technical defect is probably responsible for the smoke development. Therefore, the police said on Friday that there was no connection between the two incidents: “External influence can be ruled out”.

100 people were on the train Thursday when the smoke developed. A conductor informed the train driver, who then brought the train to a standstill and informed the rescue services. More than 100 rescue and emergency services were on site again. The railway line was closed for about three hours, causing further delays on the line. Those who wanted to and were able to organize a continuation of the journey were allowed to get off where the train had stopped.