Did you know that winter air holds less moisture compared to warm air? This condition occurs due to the low humidity, making the air suck the little moisture available. This dry can have adverse effects on your body. Some of the health effects include but are not limited to eye irritation, sore throat, nose bleeds, and dehydration. However, you can avoid these effects by using a cool-mist humidifier. This type of humidifier is safe for both children and pets. But, it would be best to follow the tips in this article to achieve safety.

Fill it with distilled water

An electrical appliance such as a cool mist humidifier comes with a manual from the manufacturer. The manufacturers of this type of humidifier recommend tap water to fill it. Although, it would be best if you used distilled water instead. You can buy the distilled water separately to use it in the humidifier. Tap water contains unhealthy minerals that the machine can release into the atmosphere and end up harming you.

Regulate the moisture level

As much as equipment like humidifiers releases moisture in your room, you need to regulate it. It is best if you maintain the moisture level below 50%. Higher than that, you risk mold and bacteria growth in parts of the room. Purpose to buy a hygrometer that you can use to check the humidity level. It will help you maintain the proper level all the time.

Don’t use essential oils in a cool-mist humidifier

Essential oils have various benefits, such as improving sleep. Still, it would be best to add it in a cool-mist humidifier. For starters, it would cause the humidifier tank to crack and malfunction. Besides that, it can also erode the cool mist humidifier’s tank. You also risk clogging the wet-wicking filter by adding the essential oils. This will force you to buy a new humidifier and expose you to the health complications you read about earlier.

Clean and replace the humidifier parts regularly

Ensure that you clean and dry the humidifier after every use and regularly replace some parts like the filter. The cleaning will prevent mold growth and dangerous bacteria that can cause allergic reactions if you have such a problem. Note that you have to clean and rinse the device with clean water to remove any chemicals used in the cleaning agent.

Follow the proper operation guidelines

Last but not least, it would be best if you followed the proper operation guidelines to ensure safety. You can start by drying up the surface where you put the humidifier. Appliances like cool mist humidifiers come with an external plug to connect to a power cable. These cables wear out with time and might peal and expose the wires. It will help regularly check the cables to avoid electrocution and other electric accidents. A device such as humidifiers is essential for every household. It helps regulate the humidity in the house, which poses a danger if you leave it unchecked. However, you have to ensure safety when using it. Use these tips whenever you want to use your cool-mist humidifier to serve the purpose.