Reflexes die hard. We are accustomed to storing things in certain places and we do so without questioning, even if it means we adopt bad practices by mimicry or inadvertently. For example, when you go shopping, you should put your provisions away. Contrary to popular belief, certain foods don’t keep well in the fridge.

Many people are tempted to keep eggs on top shelves or in the refrigerator. Everything seems designed to hold them there: the size of this shelf matches the size of the box on the market, and some refrigerators even have small cells that can position them one-by-one.

Although this may seem obvious, it is a huge mistake. “The temperature variations caused by opening the fridge door, if they’re frequent, can cause droplets on the egg’s surface which will alter the natural defense of the egg,” Maxime Chaumet (Secretary General of the National Committee for the Promotion of the Egg, CNPO) explains. What is the risk? Condensation promotes microbial growth.

Maxime Chaumet reminds that eggs should be kept at room temperature. If you do want to keep them in the refrigerator, be aware of temperature variations and put them in the back.

We often find milk just below the eggs. Bricks and bottles can also be found here in the refrigerator door. This is also an error. Milk isn’t as sensitive to temperature changes. “As soon after it has been opened, milk should be kept at 6°C. However, it can also be kept at 4°C or 7°C. There is no risk,” says Emmanuel Vasseneix (Vice-President of Union member) and president of The Professional Institute of Drinking Milk.

Butter, which is also stored in the fridge door, is another example. Butter is not sensitive from a microbiological point of view because it is pasteurized cream. National Dairy Industry Schools. Temperature variations pose no health risks.

Our interlocutor reminds us that it is important to keep it cool. This should not be a surprise to butter lovers who love soft butter. It is important to keep it cold so that it can preserve well and maintain its shelf life. A wafer of butter left around can cause an alteration in appearance and a rancid flavor due to oxidation.

Butter toast lovers: We have to warn you: Do not take your butter from the fridge before ten minutes and then put it back in the refrigerator immediately.