Hey, Philip, what have you been doing? How we miss you already! At 94, you were by far the youngest of us. Always frolicking, laughing, getting carried away. Retirement, we knew that only death could force you, one day, to take it. And again, we weren’t quite sure, you seemed so immortal.

With the disappearance of Philippe Tesson, our profession is suddenly depopulated. The real journalists – rest assured, there are still some left – are all in mourning today, devastated, when they are not crying: Philippe was a model, if not “the” model. This is because, for more than sixty years, it symbolized freedom of spirit at its peak.

If anyone embodied the French spirit, it was Philippe Tesson, well of culture, who often thought wrong. There was in him something like Montaigne, Voltaire and Jean d’Ormesson. All the world theater too, his other passion, with journalism. Until the end, he ensured the theatrical chronicle of Figaro Magazine. Director of L’Avant-Scène, he also directed the theater of Poche-Montparnasse with a superb program. Finally, he collaborated, again quite recently, on the Point site.

No, Philippe, you shouldn’t leave. Especially in this time which is not very beautiful, where information and misinformation are often confused in our newspapers, against a backdrop of lies and nonsense, as can be seen in the pensions affair: your irony devastating would have done us good. Help, Philip, come back!

(To his three children, Stéphanie, Daphné and Sylvain, we send our heartfelt condolences, with our sorrow and our affection.)