Yolanda Díaz calls on all progressive political forces in Galicia: “Let’s not make the wrong adversary,” she proclaims in the middle of the campaign for the regional elections on February 18 in search of a show of unity. The vice president of the Government and leader of Sumar specifically cites the PSOE and the BNG, which have already signed an agreement to facilitate the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, and asks them: “Let’s repeat what we did in the State. Let’s show that we want to govern together.”

Díaz recognizes that they are “different” and have “many nuances”, but she makes this call convinced that they are obliged to tell the Galicians that PSOE, BNG and Sumar are capable of shaking hands “and that, after the elections, they will have “high vision and audacity” to reach an understanding and reissue the current progressive government of the state Executive in Galicia.

The leader of Sumar accompanied the candidate of her party for the regional elections and parliamentary spokesperson for Sumar, Marta Lois, in her official presentation. The event filled the Mar de Vigo Auditorium as a sign of strength of a coalition made up of Movemento Sumar Galicia, Esquerda Unida and Verdes Equo. As a show of unity, she introduced Eva Solla, coordinator of Izquierda Unida in Galicia, who defended that “unity was necessary.”

The presentation was the first public event after the new 5% increase in the Minimum Interprofessional Wage (SMI) and Díaz wanted to make it profitable. “Today we are a better country. Today we raise the minimum wage to 1,134 euros per month. These are useful policies,” he stuck out his chest and used this measure, which represents a cumulative increase of 54% since 2018, to defend that “Sumar is going to be key in the next government of the Xunta” and will do in this autonomy the same as in the State, “work to improve people’s lives.”

This conviction led him to make a second call, this time to the workers, pensioners, students and women of Galicia, to “mobilize to vote for Sumar”, because “if the Galician workers mobilize, Rueda falls”, in allusion to the PP candidate and current president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda, a priori the best placed for re-election, although Yolanda Díaz is convinced that he will give way to a progressive Executive.

The deputy of Sumar and leader of Más País, Íñigo Errejón, also supported Marta Lois, bragging about the “intense week” that allows them to reach the weekend “with the epic tranquility of things well done,” after the decrees approved on Wednesday and the rise of the SMI, which shows that Sumar is “in favor of social dialogue”, but does not allow “the right of veto of businessmen.”

He did not miss the opportunity to make a veiled allusion to Podemos’s vote against the subsidy for those over 52, pointing out that his voters “today cannot believe that he voted against the unemployed.” Yolanda Díaz did not ignore that position of the purple ones either: “There is no reason that justifies that.”

Díaz, Lois and Errejón maintain that “in Galicia there is already a progressive majority for political change”, which was manifested in the general elections of July 23 and in the municipal elections, but, in the words of the leader of Más Madrid, “it has to become aware of your own strength.”

In this regard, Marta Lois harangued the audience, insisting that “only with Sumar Fuerte will the PP leave the Xunta de Galicia” and “only with Sumar Fuerte is a historic change possible in Galicia”, but it will only be possible if, despite that Rueda called between Christmas and Carnival “to hunker down and make them a mere formality”, all the Galicians who did so for their coalition in the general elections come to vote.