The year starts with the typical temperatures of the season. The cold sets in as winter progresses and the wind and rain are expected to break out on many days. Despite weather adversities, January is an important month in the orchard and garden calendar.

The low temperatures of January are not the most conducive to working in the soil and experts recommend being cautious when planting and working in both garden areas and orchards. However, there are tasks that can be carried out in the garden during this month to protect crops from frost and to prepare the soil for spring:

January is not the most favorable month to sow and plant in the garden, but there are seasonal crops that are resistant to low temperatures and low light. We can sow and plant directly in the ground or in pots:

During this month we can also sow tomatoes, zucchini or eggplant in seedbeds, and as long as they are well protected from the cold.

Special care must be taken with indoor plants since the use of heating can cause irrecoverable damage to the plants. It is recommended to move pots away from radiators and look for points in the home where natural light provides a special vitamin to the plants.

Many annual flowers can begin to be grown indoors throughout January in order to be transplanted in spring. Likewise, spring flowers, such as petunias or trellises, germinate in January, while geraniums, carnations or primroses will also germinate shortly, so these are weeks of pampering the land. There is more work this month than you could imagine.