Carlos III has revolutionized the centuries-old coronation ceremony of a British king. Although in the essential forms nothing has changed, the new monarch has wanted to get closer to the people and to the new times in this new coronation. And for the first time in history, the British monarchy has opened up to the rest of the Royal House, including members of royalty from all over the world on its guest list. And attendance at a historic event has been massive.

It should be remembered that the British monarchy is the only one of the ten parliamentary monarchies in Europe that maintains the coronation, the rest choose other formulas, such as the proclamation of Felipe VI. That of Carlos III has been a conclave of royalty, with the presence of all the reigning dynasties with the exception of that of Cambodia, and also the attendance of non-reigning families.

From Europe were: the Kings Felipe and Letizia, Carlos Gustavo of Sweden with his daughter Victoria, the Grand Dukes of Luxembourg, Felipe and Matilde of the Belgians, Guillermo and Máxima of the Netherlands, Hakkon and Mette-Marit of Norway, Federico and Mary of Denmark, Albert and Charlene of Monaco and the princes of Lietchenstein. There was also no lack of Ana María from Greece along with her son Pablo and Marie Chantal, Margarita and Radu from Romania and Simeon and Margarita from Bulgaria, Alexander and Katherine from Serbia, all claimants to the throne of her countries.

From outside Europe came Abdalá and Rania from Jordan, the emir of Qatar with the sheikha, the kings of Bhutan, those of Lesotho, Maha Vajiralongkorn, the controversial king of Thailand. Also the heir Fumihito of Japan, Princess Lalla of Morocco and the kings of Malaysia.

The Kings Don Felipe and Doña Letizia have been the representatives of the Spanish Royal Family in this act. The Monarch and his wife have left the Spanish Embassy at nine thirty in the morning to go to Westminster. Winking at the ties that unite the Windsors and the Bourbons, Doña Letizia has put on the chaton earrings of Queen Victoria Eugenia that belong to the lot of jewelry to pass. The King has donned the Grand Captain’s uniform that he wore at his proclamation. As decorations, Buckingham establishing that today was a “collar day” has donned the collar of the order of the Garter and plaque. Don Felipe was named a member of the order in 2019. He was awarded the highest British decoration by Queen Elizabeth II, in a ceremony attended by the then Prince of Wales

The Kings have entered the abbey behind the controversial king of Thailand and have occupied a preferential place along with other royal houses, all seated by coronation seniority.

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