Frankfurt/Fulda (dpa/lhe) – On Monday, the Frankfurt Public Prosecutor’s Office brought charges against a 47-year-old former teacher at the Fulda Regional Court on suspicion of serious sexual abuse of children and wards. In the proceedings of the Central Office for Combating Internet Crime (ZIT), the man from Göttingen is accused of sexually abusing children and young people in several locations in northern and eastern Hesse from January 1998 to December 2021. Some of them were students, said a spokesman for the prosecution. It’s about ten to 20 boys.

The trigger for the investigation against the man was a tip from investigators from the United States. The now accused was suspected of having passed on child pornographic files to third parties. When evaluating data after a search of the man’s apartment, it was suspected that the man could also have committed sexual violence. The indictment charges the 47-year-old with 64 acts against children and 35 acts against young people. The former teacher has been in custody since January 2022.

The district court of Fulda must now decide whether to open the main proceedings.