“Rando.paysdesecrins.com is the first website dedicated to outdoor activities run by a tourist office in the Hautes-Alpes”, describes Bettina Matias, the director of the inter-municipal tourist office.

In partnership with the Ecrins National Park, and the community comprising the Pays des Ecrins, this portal was created in 2018. It is designed to organize the offering of mountain sports and hiking in the territory. This portal provides itineraries for all levels of difficulty.

The outdoor module was developed this year and enriches the range of activities such as hiking, trail running, and mountain biking, either in the day or while roaming.

The portal has been updated with the valuation of seven via ferrata in the Pays des Ecrins. Photos, descriptions, and cartographic representations of routes and accesses are available online. Weather forecast and forecast are also provided. The individual can choose to go on their own or with a guide to explore the discipline they prefer. The director of the tourist office explained that the new interface will include other outdoor activities such as paragliding, mountaineering and kayaking.

Site where many themes are discussed, including fauna, flora and water, as well as geology, history, small legacy, and know-how. Each circuit is described in detail: GPS tracks, 3D maps, duration, elevation and type of route. Parking, access, etc.