Floor joints, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, are the Achilles heel of many homes.

Homes with ceramic floors and also with parquet wood accumulate great dirt in the joints over time. A situation that exists even in apartments that are periodically cleaned.

There are several specialized cleaning products on the market for all types of joints, but there are also some cheaper and equally efficient products.

Below we highlight some tips for cleaning joints:

To clean bathroom tiles, baking soda can be a good ally thanks to its components such as sodium.

In the spots of the joints with the most stains or dirt, it is recommended to cover them with small amounts of baking soda. Subsequently, it is cleaned with a cloth dipped in warm water or with a damp mop.

If the stain persists, use a cedar brush to try to remove the dirt before applying a new wash to the affected area.

White vinegar can also be a good ally for cleaning kitchen and bathroom tiles.

To facilitate cleaning, fill a liquid sprayer with 250 ml of vinegar and a similar amount of water.

After 15 minutes of mixing, spray the affected area with dirt and clean the joints with a brush.

If the stains or accumulated dirt have not been removed, leave the area to be treated dry for 24 hours.

Later, fill the spots to be cleaned with baking soda and pour a little white vinegar on the same area. After 90 minutes, remove all dirt from the tiles with a mop.

Bleach is a multi-purpose disinfectant that can eliminate dirt in tile joint areas and on floors.

Its application should always be carried out with caution due to its corrosive power and never on marble floors.

To do this, form a proportion of 30 ml of bleach per liter of water.

After applying to the floor, let the mixture sit for five minutes before cleaning thoroughly.

In cases of very dirty floors and pavements, other products such as grout, starch, hydrogen peroxide and etching can also be applied. However, they are products that must be applied with gloves, eye protection glasses and also the appropriate quantities in each case.