diva attitude? None! Helene Fischer is one of the biggest superstars of the German music scene, playing in front of around 130,000 people in the summer alone. Nevertheless, the singer is modest – also with a view to her finances.

In her shows she whirls across the stage and sometimes flies through the air, privately Helene Fischer has apparently stayed pretty much on the ground – even if she is one of the superstars of the German music scene. In a new interview, the singer, who is going on a big tour again next year, is at least not aloof.

“I see it as a gift that I don’t have to worry financially and can also support my family,” she explains to “Bild am Sonntag” when asked about money. She “doesn’t spend it with full hands” either, because Fischer is “still cautious” in this regard.

Helene Fischer also says that she “doesn’t feel famous at all”. She is aware that she gave an absolute mega concert in front of around 130,000 people in Munich in the summer: “But then I leave the stage – and two minutes later I’m back in my private life, back in reality. Then I’m the normal Helene again.” She herself could “sometimes just not understand the hype about me”.

Fischer is currently offering her fans a look behind the scenes on Instagram. Several clips show her in Montreal, Canada – during her preparations for the upcoming tour. The fans like the insights into the tour preparations. “This advent calendar is the prettiest, funniest and cutest I’ve ever seen. Thank you!!” writes one. And they celebrate Fischer’s new hairstyle, a simple blonde long bob. “Love it!! And your hair looks so good on you!”, or “Your hair is just perfect!” is to read.

Concerts in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have been announced for the coming year. The “Rausch – Live – Die Tour” is scheduled to start in March 2023 in Bremen, the last dates so far are planned for October 2023 in Frankfurt.

(This article was first published on Sunday, December 11, 2022.)