Hamas announced on Monday January 15 the death of more than sixty people in “intense” Israeli bombardments on the Gaza Strip which took place overnight, on the 101st day of the war. A shock wave in the region. According to the statement from the Palestinian Islamist movement, the strikes and artillery bombardments targeted the towns of Khan Younes and Rafah (South), where the Israeli army is now concentrating its offensive, as well as other areas of the besieged territory.

“More than sixty martyrs and dozens of wounded in new massacres committed last night and at dawn by the occupying forces,” the Hamas government press office wrote Monday, adding that two hospitals, a school and “dozens” of homes had also been affected, according to the same source.

The Israeli army, for its part, claimed that its forces had struck “two terrorists loading weapons into a vehicle” in Khan Younes, the main city in the south of the Gaza Strip, and that they had attacked “a command center of Hamas,” before seizing weapons.

The health ministry of the Gaza Strip, administered by Hamas, reported Monday that 24,100 people had been killed in the enclave since the start of the war between the Israeli army and the Palestinian Islamist movement, the majority of them women. , adolescents and children. According to this report, 60,834 people have also been injured and many others remain buried under the rubble since October 7, 2023. On Israeli soil, 1,140 people have been killed, according to a count by Agence France -Press produced from official Israeli data.