Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been a couple since 2012 and married in 2014. But with his many public outbursts, the marriage of the bipolar rapper and the reality TV actress is in crisis from 2020. Now the two are finally divorced.

Reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian has officially divorced her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West. As reported by US media, including “People” magazine, the Grammy winner has to pay $ 200,000 a month in maintenance. The parents share custody of their four children – daughters North (9) and Chicago (4) and sons Saint (6) and Psalm (3). The ex-couple is also said to have agreed on ownership.

According to the divorce documents cited by the magazine, the musician has to pay half of the costs for medical care, education and child safety in addition to the maintenance costs. Both Kardashian and West have waived spousal support.

The couple also agreed to resolve disputes about the children by participating in mediation. However, if one of the two parties does not participate, the other party may make the decision in the dispute alone. The couple’s assets, including real estate, are divided based on the marriage contract.

The divorce was finalized nine months after the verdict, which states Kardashian is legally single. West previously challenged Kardashian’s request to be singled, but said in a statement at the time, “I have asked my team to expedite the dissolution of my marriage to Kim so that I can focus fully on our wonderful children.”

Kardashian and West had been together since 2012 and wed in May 2014. Their marriage hit a snag at the height of West’s public outbursts in 2020 after he launched a controversial run for US President and on the campaign trail and on Twitter had revealed very personal details about his family and marriage. Back then, in a rare public statement, Kardashian addressed his diagnosis of bipolar disorder, asking fans for “sympathy” and admitting he was in a “complicated and painful” situation.

In February 2021, Kardashian filed for divorce from West after nearly seven years of marriage. Months later, in December, she applied to be legally single. She also asked to separate custody and property issues from her marital status and to be allowed to take her maiden name again.

In court documents, Kardashian said, according to the magazine, “I really want a divorce. I asked Kanye to keep our divorce a secret, but he didn’t. Kanye put a lot of misinformation into our private family affairs and our co-parenting on social media, which has caused emotional distress. I believe that having our marital status overturned by the courts will help Kanye accept that our marital relationship is over and begin a better path that will help us raise our children peacefully to educate together.”

Kim Kardashian added, “While I wish our marriage had been successful, I’ve come to the realization that there’s no way we can fix our marriage. Kanye doesn’t agree with that, but at least he seems to have come to the realization to be that I want to end our marriage even if he doesn’t want that I am asking the court to restore me to single person status so I can start the healing process and so our family can start the healing process and into this new chapter of our lives can advance.”