A five-year-old girl died this Saturday when a fighter from the Frecce Tricolori, the aerobatic patrol of the Italian Air Force, which was participating in an exhibition near the city of Turin, crashed into the car in which her family was traveling with her family. (north of Italy).

The Minister of Transport and Vice President of the Italian Government, Matteo Salvini, confirmed the news on his social networks, where he also uploaded a video of the accident in which an aircraft is seen breaking formation and falling to the ground before exploding.

“Terrible accident in Turin, where a Frecce Tricolori plane crashed during an exercise, killing a five-year-old girl and, according to first information, injuring her little brother and her parents. Except for the pilot, who jumped with his parachutes at the last moment. A terrifying tragedy. A prayer and a hug of moving closeness,” the minister indicated.

The girl’s parents and her nine-year-old brother were taken to the hospital with burns and the pilot of the aircraft survived after ejecting with a parachute seconds before impact.

The tragedy occurred after the aerobatic patrol took off from Turin’s Caselle airport to go along with other planes to participate in an air show for the centenary of the Italian air force.

The plane, which was flying in formation, crashed near the town of San Francesco al Campo, about 20 km northwest of Turin, and hit the car in which the family was travelling.