A real mystery. Lina, 15, has disappeared from the radar since September 23rd while she was walking to the Saint-Blaise-la-Roche train station, a route she knows like the back of her hand. She was supposed to take the train to join her boyfriend at the Strasbourg train station. Unfortunately, she will never arrive at her destination.

Since then, several police custody have already taken place as part of the investigation opened for kidnapping and sequestration. Unfortunately, they were all lifted for lack of “incriminating evidence”. 

Eight months after Lina’s disappearance, her mother, Fanny Groll, decided to participate in the program “Call for witnesses” on M6, presented by Julien Courbet. A program dedicated to disappearances and unsolved French criminal cases. This Tuesday, May 28, the show dealt with four unresolved cases, including that of Lina’s disappearance.

In partnership with the Ministry of Justice, testimonies can be provided by viewers via a Toll-Free Number or they can testify anonymously on the channel (0 800 10 11 21 [email protected]). These testimonies are then processed by journalists but also by investigators from the ARPD (the association Assistance and search for missing persons).

To try to get things moving, Fanny Groll encourages everyone who might have the slightest clue to testify. “My name is Fanny, I am the mother of Lina, 15 years old, who was kidnapped and who has disappeared since September 23, 2023,” she explains in an emotional tone. 

Fanny Groll holds a photo of her daughter in her hands during her cry for help. “I am here today to ask for help from you, from everyone who has heard something, from everyone who has perhaps seen or knows things that they do not dare to say […] ] If you know anything, you have to say it.” 

During the broadcast, many witnesses flocked to the channel. One of the testimonies strangely coincides with the disappearance of the teenager. “We have a business manager in the region who tells us that he has not had any news from one of his employees since the month of Lina’s disappearance,” reveals a speaker, who indicates that he knows this individual, without revealing his identity publicly.

This man apparently disappeared “after 12 years of permanent contract”, he also lived “very close to Lina’s house”. 

This is the first time that such an indicator has been mentioned since Fanny Groll had not been aware of this testimony before. This new lead will be “given to the police”, we learn in the show.