Rostock (dpa/mv) – The cranes are heading towards Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania again. There are currently more than 1000 cranes in the Darß-Zingster Bodenkette and Rügen region, as Günter Nowald, head of the Nabu crane center in Groß Mohrdorf near Stralsund, announced. By the end of October there should be around 100,000 large birds, and around 50,000 migratory birds are also expected inland.

The cranes, which come from Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, rest between the Baltic Sea coast and the lake district before moving to their winter quarters. The Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania tourism association pointed out on Tuesday the possibilities of observing the animals when they take off, land and search for food. The Western Pomeranian Bodden region is littered with resting and feeding areas and attracts thousands of cranes every year.

This is possible without barriers at the “Kranorama” station on Lake Günzer, for example. Two observation stations offer a direct view of the uninhabited island of Kirr south of the Baltic Sea resort of Zingst, which is used by several thousand cranes every year as sleeping and resting places. Good places include the Müritz National Park and the Schaalsee UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.