Rostock (dpa/mv) – In the middle of a police check in Rostock, a 33-year-old accelerated and headed for an officer. He was able to save himself by jumping on the bonnet of the patrol car on Thursday, the police said on Friday. After a short pursuit, the 33-year-old, whose car had false license plates, was stopped. Officers then discovered that he did not have a license and smelled of marijuana. The man admitted to having consumed the narcotics while driving, it said.

A few hours earlier, a 39-year-old driver had already sped away from the police in Rostock. It was said that he accelerated noticeably when he noticed the officials. In order to escape a control, he stepped on the gas pedal and drove through two traffic lights when the light was red. It was said that he only just missed a pedestrian. Eventually he fled on foot. When the officers caught the 39-year-old, it turned out that he did not have a driver’s license. He also gave this as a motive for his escape. A telescopic baton, tear gas and quartz gloves were found in his car.