Rostock/Schwerin (dpa/mv) – On the first Ascension weekend without travel restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic, the holiday resorts in MV are well filled, according to the state tourism association. Although the level of 2019 has not yet been reached, the districts are 80 to 85 percent occupied on average nationwide, said managing director Tobias Woitendorf on Friday of the German Press Agency.

On the one hand, the conditions for the industry have become significantly better with a view to Corona. On the other hand, the Ukraine war and the increased prices put a damper on the mood. The changeable weather on the long Ascension weekend, however, is not decisive, said Woitendorf.

He pointed out that it was also not easy for tourism providers to calculate prices for the remainder of the season. They too would have to contend with the general price increase, the extent of which could hardly be foreseen.

As the Ministry of Economics in Schwerin announced, in addition to the recognized health and recreation resorts, other municipalities in the state without a rating may levy tourist tax to finance their tourist offers. State Secretary Jochen Schulte awarded Bastorf, Steffenshagen and Kalkhorst recognition as tourist destinations on Friday. In total, there are now ten such recognized tourist locations in MV. In addition to the three, there are Kargow, Ivenack, Stavenhagen, Anklam, Börgerende-Rethwisch, Wittenbeck and Kröpelin.

According to the Ministry, the rating has got off to a very good start since the legal option was created almost a year ago. Applications have been received from four other municipalities. Rostock will receive the award in the coming week. In addition, the first tourist region in Germany is expected to receive the award in June. What that is is still being kept secret.