Kröpelin (dpa/mv) – Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is expanding its offer for children with behavioral problems at primary schools. The “small school workshop” type of teaching, which has so far been available at 14 primary schools, is now being prepared at five other schools, announced Minister of Education Simone Oldenburg (left) on Monday during a school visit in Kröpelin (Rostock district). In small groups, children with attested special needs in the social-emotional area are taught the main subjects by special education teachers, while they take part in physical education, art and music classes in a mainstream class.

Oldenburg said offers such as the “small school workshop” should help to help children at an early age. The “family classroom” is also such a building block, which is now available at 59 schools in the north-east. There, children and parents could learn together how school and home can work together optimally for the development of the children. Up to six families, each with one child, could be cared for there.

Both offers are part of the inclusion strategy for the schools, emphasized Oldenburg. The aim of this strategy is to teach more children with special needs in regular schools and to support them there with special education. However, things are not going quite as well as initially hoped. Initially, the inclusion plan provided for the special schools with a focus on learning to be dissolved in MV by 2024. The target has since been pushed back to July 31, 2027.