Bergen (dpa / mv) – In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, a woman fell for a love scammer again. As a police spokeswoman said on Friday, the 40-year-old from the island of Rügen is estimated to have lost around 20,000 euros. However, the investigations are not over yet.

The woman from the Bergen area was caught by a scammer on the social network Instagram who posed as a member of the US army abroad. The contact was established in autumn 2022. The supposed lover had repeatedly explained to her via the Internet that he loved her and wanted to visit her.

In this context, the police again warned against such scams, which are prepared very carefully. As a result, “the US Army’s vacation department” contacted the woman and asked for money so that the flight could be paid for. She also transferred money in smaller sums for this. The woman even drove to an airport to pick up the man. There she was told that this flight did not exist. She was then informed that the lover had an accident abroad and was in a coma.

The case ultimately blew up because the woman had borrowed money from an acquaintance. He then alerted her to a possible fraud. Just a few days ago, a woman from the Bützow region (Rostock district) lost more than 40,000 euros to love scammers with this scam.