The Russian opponent politician Alexei Navalnyha told himself to a sewing workshop in prison and had become “seamstress”, joking that this experience had changed his attitude towards feminism.

Navalny, 45, said on Instagram that the authorities in jail had informed him that he had to work and that he could choose between several activities, among which they were cooking or sewing.
She said that she had chosen to become what the administration of the prison called a seamstress;
“SHVEYA” in Russian, a grammatically female word in this language and normally only used for women.

In the publication in his social networks he joked saying that the word should have a male form in Russian.
He said that experience had made it more comprehensive with the people from whom he had previously mocked for demanding female nouns in Russian words as a blogger or editor.
“I support everyone’s right to be called as they want, after all, there is for language and should be developed to satisfy what society asks for society, I am formally asking a male form of the profession of ‘seamstress,” Navalny wrote

The most prominent internal critic of President Vladimir Putin, he serves since March a sentence two and a half years for a conviction for embezzlement in 2014. Within and outside Russia, the ruling has been criticized for being politically motivated.
The Russian opponent is now faced with another criminal investigation by which he could be condemned again.
According to himself complaint, this persecution aims to frustrate the political ambitions of him.

These reflections of Navalny take place the same day when Putin will maintain a video call with the president of the United States, Joe Biden.
The United States imposed sanctions on Russia in March by poisoning Navalny last year, accusations that Moscow denies.