Bochum (dpa / lnw) – After the explosion in a residential building in Bochum, in which a woman died, a 51-year-old was arrested. The employee of an Essen civil engineering company is said to have worked “in a managerial position” on a construction site near the house on January 10, the police and public prosecutor announced on Monday. The gas explosion is said to have occurred. A judge issued an arrest warrant after the arrest on Monday. The 51-year-old is therefore being investigated for causing an explosive explosion through omission resulting in death.

During the laying of fiber optic cables, workers are said to have drilled through a gas line near the house. The 61-year-old owner of the house was killed in the ensuing gas explosion, and her 35-year-old son was injured. The building was completely destroyed by the explosion. The Essen civil engineering company, which was searched by investigators in January, was commissioned with the transfer. After evaluating an expert report, the suspicion against the 51-year-old has now been confirmed, the authorities said.

In January, the public prosecutor’s office initially began investigations into eight people accused of manslaughter. The authorities did not provide information on the further investigation status on Monday.