Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – Once again several manhole covers have been stolen from the streets in Düsseldorf. Alleged metal thieves struck in the night from Thursday to Friday and stole a total of 26 of the cast-iron grates – depending on the version weighing 74 to 105 kilos – the city said. There had already been a manhole cover theft of a similar extent in October.

According to the city, the resulting holes were immediately secured with warning beacons. The police reported two accidents in connection with the theft. A 62-year-old drove her car over an open shaft. A 29-year-old reported a similar accident. Fortunately, only property damage was caused.

As in October, new grates will now be ordered, the city said. However, these would first have to be manufactured, then adapted and finally used. The new price is around 430 euros gross per piece for delivery and installation.

The police are now hoping for witnesses. The city announced another criminal complaint for dangerous interference with road traffic.