Dorsten/Recklinghausen (dpa/lnw) – The police are investigating indications of arson in two fires on Wednesday night in the Kippheide and Wiesental areas in Lembeck (Dorsten). Extensive search measures have been initiated, said a police spokeswoman on Wednesday on request. A police helicopter was also used for a long time last night. According to the information, the two fires were extinguished by the fire brigade. Nobody got hurt.

The two fires probably have nothing to do with the large forest fire on the A31 and B224 near Dorsten on Tuesday afternoon, although it is not far away, according to the police spokeswoman.

Nevertheless, according to the police spokeswoman, the police and fire brigades have been worried about half a dozen surface and smaller fires in the Dorsten region in the past few days, especially because of the severe drought. Stacks of wood, fields or bales of straw burst into flames again and again. Police are said to be looking for a woman who may be involved in the fires. However, the police did not confirm this for tactical reasons.