Düsseldorf (dpa / lnw) – When they return to Düsseldorf’s old town, the onslaught of revelers will encounter an enormous contingent of police and security forces. Because they don’t know how exuberantly the revelers will be partying after the two-year compulsory break, the authorities have decided to significantly increase the number of police officers, law enforcement officers and security forces – to a level higher than before the corona pandemic, as stated on the announced Tuesday.

“We’re looking forward to the revival of the tradition and we’ll be there when the jerk people recapture the city center,” police and city spokesmen assured on Tuesday. The glass ban introduced in the old town in 2011 also applies to carnival cuts on the great days reduced from 166 to 6 most recently.

In order to deal with the unwanted phenomenon of wild peeing, the city will have 500 additional toilets installed. In addition, violations will go to the financial pain limit, announced the head of the regulatory department, Christian Zaum. Anyone who gets caught urinating wildly outdoors must expect a fine of 180 euros including fees.

Around 1,000 police officers will be on standby on the funky days of the street carnival. In addition, there are 140 law enforcement officers and security forces.

If climate activists stick themselves in front of the Shrove Monday parade, the police’s loot specialists will be on hand for this case. This might delay the train for a moment, but it won’t stop it. “The band then has to have something more up its sleeve,” said police director Dietmar Henning. However, he does not assume that such a scenario will occur.

Aid organizations such as the Red Cross announced that they would use 10,000 emergency services nationwide to ensure the safety of the revelers. Exhaustion, circulatory problems, hypothermia, injuries and excessive alcohol consumption are the most common causes of action in street carnivals. The aid organizations advise: “Dress warmly, eat well and take care of each other.”