Australian authorities reported this Saturday that a “cyber security incident of national importance”, the causes of which are unknown, has forced the closure of four major seaports in the oceanic country.

“The Australian Government is aware of a cyber incident affecting the port operator DP World Australia. The Government is coordinating the government response to this incident,” Australian Home Affairs Minister Clare said today in a message on X (formerly Twitter). O’Neil.

Due to the incident, the causes of which are being investigated, DP World Australia has suspended all its port operations in four of the country’s main and largest ports, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.

The National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator, Air Marshal Darren Goldie, noted that this “cyber incident of national importance” was announced on Friday night and indicated that “this disruption is likely to continue for several days,” so “it will affect the movement of goods within and outside the country.

“Our priority is to help DP World Australia resolve the incident, so that they are in a position to restore access to the ports that operate throughout the country,” said the coordinator in X after a meeting this Saturday of the National Coordination Mechanism and the National Emergency Management Agency.

Darren added that the Australian authorities are “committed” to solving the incident as soon as possible and are working together with the port operator, providing advice and technical assistance, in order to resume operations as soon as possible.

The Australian Federal Police announced that it has launched an investigation to determine the causes of the incident.