Nobody gets rid of old age. Her name is Noor Jehan, she is an elephant and has lived for a long time in Karachi, in the zoo of the largest and most populous city in Pakistan. She recently suffered from ailments and began to behave in a strange way: head banging against trees, trembling legs that barely supported her…

Noor Jehan’s strange movements alarmed her keepers, who did not know what was wrong with her. Could the pachyderma be going crazy, as the legends say that happens to elephants when they are many years old? Would he perhaps want to undertake the last trip to the secret graveyard of the elephants?

The zoo notified several veterinarians and to consult the problem. Two specialists from Austria and Egypt went to Karachi to examine the elephant and have already discovered what is happening to her: she suffers from arthritis, that joint disease so common in humans.

Poor Noor is in severe pain, and her chances of survival are 50%, although she has already started treatment to control it. “He can barely move,” said one of the vets. In addition, they have found a skin disease that could be due to a fungal infection.

If she comes out of this and improves, her caregivers plan to move her during her last days to a quieter place so that she can live more peacefully.

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